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Basic Skills Needed In Becoming A Successful Concreter
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Basic Skills Needed In Becoming A Successful Concreter

There’s no career without basic skills. No matter how stressless the job may be, one needs to possess some skills before becoming a career. Have you ever seen a man pursuing a career without learning one skill or the other about that career? It is impossible. To have a successful career, one must take it up as a unique role to acquire skills. Click here for more detail about Concreter.

Having said that, what we are trying to show you is that a dream of becoming a successful concreter also requires some skills. Of course, you might not know, because mere looking at that job, it is possible for one to think that there’s nothing much in building a career in it. However, we were hoping you could believe us that there’s no aspect of calling in life requiring some skill level. It might be more than the other.

Also, to be a successful concreter, teaching or learning might not acquire the skills involved. This fact is not limited to choosing concrete as a career. Hence, we are saying that a man’s high eye and hand coordination can be an advantage for a man to grab the skills involved in becoming a concreter quickly. Then, who is a concreter?

A concreter is a person who work builds structures from concrete. He makes use of concrete to create bricks for building. Also, a hunk of concrete is a person who levels, smoothens concrete. There are several duties of a concreter. To have a clear picture, let us quickly consider those duties and tasks.

What are the duties of a concrete?

Below here are the duties and tasks of a concreter:

  • Laying steel reinforcing
  • Seal concrete
  • Pour, spread and level concrete
  • Cutting concrete
  • Installing steel plates, steel bolts and lots more
  • Covering bricks with concrete and lots more.

However, from the look of things, it seems it will be dangerous for one to call himself a concreter without some skills that will make the above-listed duties and tasks a reality. The skills started from mixing cement with water and other materials, which we know that as simple as it sounds, it requires skills. It also takes knowledge or training to understand how to use trowels and screeds to float, smooth and polish concrete surfaces. Therefore, we present to you the basic skills that are needed to be a successful concreter.


To become a successful concreter that will deliver good qualities of concrete services, you would need:

  1. To enjoy practical and outdoor work: Concreting is not an online job. It is not a job that you would expect to do in your comfort zone. Therefore, it is expedient for you to know that if you have chosen to be a concreter, you must develop an interest in doing practical and outdoor work. It’s not indoor work. You will be working on-site, and the job is purely functional. You will practically use your hand. There is countless youth out there that turned back to what they’ve declared. They said they love to be a concreter, but they notice that the job is purely practical during training, then they quickly back off. 
  2. A good level of physical fitness: We doubt the reason why the job is masculine. Hardly will you see a female doing this job in some country. For instance, in the US, the percentage of female concreters is deficient to that of males. Concrete services require physical strength. We won’t advise people who are not physically fit to take this job as a career because it involves a lot of bending and is heavyweight (at times). But for you that you know you’re physically fit, you are good to go.
  3. Thorough knowledge of the characteristics of concrete: It is expedient for you to know the features of concrete. It is a must for you to see the dynamism in the usage of concrete. And how can one achieve that? You can probably walk up to concreters around you that can take you through series of training. This skill is essential because you can’t give what you don’t have. 
  4. Good teamwork skills: Concreting is not often done all alone. You will have to work with other concreters to achieve something great. Therefore, you must build yourself up in how to relate with people. More importantly, there are so many things that are attached to teamwork skills. To successfully deliver concrete services, one’s ego must be at the lower level because you’ll be meeting different people to work with. One of the advantages of teamwork is perfection that is beyond expression. In concreting, teamwork skill is highly recognized. Some concreting companies in Australia are moving forward because they used to work together as a team. Therefore, one needs to be submissive enough to work together to achieve success and a perfect job.
  5. To be able to follow precise directions: In concreting, there are measurements to follow. For instance, if you want to floor a room with concrete, there are specific directions you must follow. Also, water must not be over-used. This skill is essential to become a successful concreter. It is expedient for you to develop the ability to follow precise instructions and directions. However, people that can’t follow instructions strictly cannot quickly achieve success in doing this job.
  6. Measurement skills: Concreting these days requires a little understanding of mathematics. You must build yourself mathematically because some aspects will be firmly measured. For instance, there’s a volume of water you must be mixed with cement and other materials to cover a room.

Finally, these are the necessary skills one must possess before engaging in the concrete business. In this article, we highlighted some duties and tasks of a concreter. Don’t forget that we discussed earlier that no one could pursue a career without learning some skills about it. We hope this article will stir you up to nurture the skills you already have out of the listed ones and take the necessary steps to learn those you think you don’t have. However, we will like to receive your comments. 

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